Stay Vigilant: Grass Sugars Remain High This Week

Following last week’s peak, grass sugar levels in the UK have slightly decreased but remain high, posing ongoing risks to your horses. According to GrassCheckGB, the current levels are at 10.40% for the week commencing 24th June.

Continued Risks

Even with the slight drop, these elevated sugar levels can still significantly impact your horse’s health. Conditions like laminitis, insulin resistance, and equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) remain a concern. Additionally, digestive issues and behaviour changes can persist due to the high sugar intake.

What You Should Do

To continue protecting your horses, maintain the strategies recommended previously:

  • Limit Grazing Time: Reduce grazing during peak sugar times (late afternoon and early evening).
  • Use a Grazing Muzzle: Control grass intake while allowing outdoor time.
  • Monitor Body Condition: Regularly check your horse’s weight and adjust their diet and exercise as needed.
  • Alternative Forage: Provide low-sugar forage options, such as soaked hay.
  • Learn Methods of Grazing Restriction: download our free eBook