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Pros and cons of feeding haylage

Haylage for Horses: An In-Depth Guide

Haylage is a specially prepared forage with a high dry matter content of over 40%, making it a preferred choice for horses as well as various farm livestock. Its production focuses on achieving a minimal dry matter content to ensure a lower reliance on fermentation for preservation, thus minimising the risk of Clostridia contamination.

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Deep dive into electrolytes for horses

Electrolytes for horses

Electrolytes are essential minerals that play a crucial role in maintaining physiological balance in horses. These minerals, including sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, and magnesium, are pivotal in numerous bodily functions. They are especially important in regulating nerve and muscle function, balancing fluid levels, and supporting proper hydration.

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Wet weather and flooded fields: Adjusting to Changes in Grazing and Diet

Wet weather in the UK poses several challenges for horse owners, primarily in terms of managing their horses’ diet and routine. Understanding the impact of these changes on equine gut health is crucial. Supplements like EquiNectar can play a supportive role in easing these transitions and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome.

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EquiNectar’s Enzymes Tackle Toxins

Dr. Rosemary Waring is a renowned expert in equine health and a co-founder of EquiNectar, a leading company dedicated to improving horse nutrition and digestive health. With a background in veterinary science and extensive research in equine nutrition, Dr. Waring has made significant contributions to our understanding of endotoxins and their impact on horses. Her expertise and dedication to equine health have made her a respected authority in the field. Here we present answers to questions about endotoxins and hindgut disease.

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