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Caring for your EquiNectar

Introduction: EquiNectar, crafted with a handful of natural ingredients, stands as a testament to nature’s benevolence towards equine health. Its uncomplicated formula, consisting of enzyme-rich malt extract, medium-chain triglycerides, and a minimal quantity of potassium sorbate as a preservative, requires care to preserve its innate goodness. Here’s a concise guide to help you maximise the […]

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EquiNectar Feeding Guide & how to introduce EquiNectar to your horse

EquiNectar Feeding Guide Introducing EquiNectar to your horse EquiNectar is very palatable and horses love the taste once they’ve got used to it. We recommend a gradual introduction of EquiNectar. The following guide might be useful: Add EquiNectar to feed, twice per day. (If you only feed once per day, contact us and we can

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EquiNectar Ingredients & Enzymes

INGREDIENTS Enzyme rich malt extractMedium chain triglycerides (from coconut oil)Potassium sorbate NATURALLY OCCURRING ENZYMES WITHIN EQUINECTAR CARBOHYDRASES(convert starches to sugar)α-Amylase converts starch and amylopectin to sugarsβ-amylase converts starch to sugars eg maltose DEBRANCHING ENZYMES(act further to produce simple sugars eg: glucose)α-glucosidasetransglucosylaseiso-sucrasemaltase FRUCTANASES(convert fructans (storage form of sugar) in grass into glucose and fructose) PROTEASESConvert proteins

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