EquiNectar Feeding Guide

Introducing EquiNectar to your horse

EquiNectar is very palatable and horses love the taste once they’ve got used to it. We recommend a gradual introduction of EquiNectar. The following guide might be useful:

Add EquiNectar to feed, twice per day. (If you only feed once per day, contact us and we can advise a slightly different feed rate)

Days one, two and three:

30ml twice per day – this is one pump of our standard pump. 

Days four, five and six:

60ml twice per day – this is two pumps of our standard pump

Days seven, eight and nine:

90ml twice per day – this is three pumps of our standard pump. 

(For small horses under 300kg in light work, just use the full feed rate of 75ml twice per day instead)

Day ten onwards:

Use the full feed rate for your horse’s weight and activity as detailed in the table below table below. 

Ongoing feeding of EquiNectar

Refer to the table below. If your horse’s activity level changes, adjust your EquiNectar usage accordingly. 

If you don’t know your horse’s exact weight, the following guide might be helpful:

Horse Types

Up to 300kg – ponies

300kg to 550kg – small to medium cobs, sport horse types, thoroughbreds, general riding horses 

Over 550kg – large cobs, draft types, shires