Horse of the Week – MONKEY



"I have owned Monkey for a couple of years; he is an 8-year-old Warmblood cross TB gelding. He certainly presented some challenges when I first had him. He would take fright while being ridden, displaying symptoms of anxiety and extreme tension. He blind bolted with me on one occasion, was notably disturbed by traffic while hacking, and was noise-sensitive during schooling.

Beneath this anxiety, I knew there was a gorgeous horse, so I slowly persevered. I had him scoped for ulcers, which came back clear, and had his saddle, teeth, and back checked—all absolutely fine.

My biggest breakthrough was introducing EquiNectar. Almost immediately, I could feel and see a difference in him! He still has moments where he needs reassurance, but overall, he feels like a different horse. His temperament is much calmer, his coat looks great, and his top line is building up beautifully. This morning, we walked around the canter track on the buckle—a feat I definitely would not have been able to achieve a year ago. He is out competing successfully at BD Dressage. I absolutely love him to bits and will definitely continue to use EquiNectar in his daily routine. Thank you!"

Sara, Monkey's owner