Horse of the Week – NIGEL



"My life changed when I was introduced to Nigel, an eight year old thoroughbred ex-racer with a heart of gold.

He instantly became my best friend, we formed an unbreakable connection.

Little did anyone know that Nigel was facing his own tough battles. He was wrestling with stage three stomach ulcers, despite this, Nigel exerted himself tirelessly to please and support me, masking the agonising pain he must have been in. He never once showed any hint of malicious intent or nastiness. 

Nigel had been battling on in silence for who knows how long when colic inevitability struck. Nigel's unwavering strength carried us through multiple colic episodes over the next few weeks, each a testament to his remarkable spirit but we were left feeling helpless, as neither us nor the vets could pinpoint what was wrong and how to help him.

We were treating him for stomach ulcers but colic still kept occurring, worsening at each time. It came to the point where we believed we were going to lose him, he was taken to a further away clinic where we finally got some answers. Diagnosis revealed a mixture of stomach ulcers and the presence of red worms. We were so relieved to have finally gotten to the bottom of the issue however all the stress that Nigel’s body had been through left Nigel looking a shadow of his former self. When we brought Nigel home we didn’t know how to support him to help him gain back his condition while also being limited by his overly sensitive gut.

Then we found EquiNectar, a turning point in Nigel’s road to recovery. EquiNectar, along with our careful management, helped Nigel to maintain good gut health while also quickly gaining back condition and ultimately not only to survive but also to thrive.

Nigel is now happier and healthier than ever. He is excelling, his ulcers have cleared up and stayed away and he is beginning to build back up his muscle.

Together we have started to learn to jump, we love going out on hacks together and we even went to our first competition where Nigel was brilliant! Nigel is the kind of horse you dream about having, I can’t describe how lucky I am to have such incredible people around me at the yard who have supported both Nigel and I to get through tough times but also I am very fortunate to have come across EquiNectar when we did as i’m not sure where we might have been without it

It’s been a remarkable product for us , a real game changer! Thank you EquiNectar!"

Hannah (15 years old), Nigel's owner




EquiNectar® is a natural feed supplement, that is scientifically proven to:

  • Re-balance your horse’s gut bacteria
  • Help your horse maximise benefits from its feed
  • Improve your horse’s condition


More information

EquiNectar® is produced by Tharos Ltd in the UK. It is a natural source of digestive enzymes and contains only the following ingredients:

  • Our patented enzyme rich malt extract
  • Medium chain triglycerides (from coconut oil)
  • Potassium sorbate

For more details of the enzymes within EquiNectar® take a look at the ingredients and enzymes page.


How to feed

Simply add EquiNectar® to your horse's daily feed, using the Feeding Rate chart to determine the correct amount.

For detailed instructions about how to introduce EquiNectar, please read the comprehensive Feeding Guide page.