Horse of the Week – TEDDY



"This is the story of Grace and Teddy...and EquiNectar.

Ever since she was 3, Grace has been horse crazy. Having had horses in my 20s (Mum speaking), I was enjoying the break from the full-time commitment - I could finally afford holidays again! But clearly, Grace had her own plans.

We tried part loaning for a bit, but finding the right pony for Grace was tough. They were either too spirited or just didn’t have the spark. Eventually, we adopted Teddy from the RSPCA. He was an unbroken 3-year-old. Some might say it wasn't the smartest idea, especially after COVID when finances were tight. But we couldn’t stretch to a pricey first pony, so we trained Teddy. Thankfully, he’s been amazing!

Around the same time we got Teddy, we started noticing Grace’s struggles with anxiety. She’s also now waiting for an autism assessment. She might not be the boldest rider, but she's definitely skilled. She battles her anxiety, and even if it gets to her sometimes, she’s always eager to ride, pushing past her fears.

We soon realized Teddy was quite sensitive too. At 4, after his first saddle fitting, he got ulcers. We got rid of the offending saddle and treated the ulcers, but balancing his hind gut became a mission. Teddy’s mood would swing with the seasonal grass changes. He'd be grumpy and not his usual cheerful self. We tried a bunch of supplements before finding EquiNectar. While others helped, none did the trick like EquiNectar.

EquiNectar has been a game changer. I did try cutting down the amount we fed in the summer, but with the rain and grass changes, Teddy showed signs of discomfort. So, back to the recommended amount and voila! Teddy’s back to being his cuddly self.

We're just over the moon that we found something that works for him. EquiNectar, you’re a keeper.

Thank you!

Lots of Love,

The Journey of Grace and Teddy"

Stacey, Grace's mum and Teddy's owner

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EquiNectar® is a natural feed supplement, that is scientifically proven to:

  • Re-balance your horse’s gut bacteria
  • Help your horse maximise benefits from its feed
  • Improve your horse’s condition


More information

EquiNectar® is produced by Tharos Ltd in the UK. It is a natural source of digestive enzymes and contains only the following ingredients:

  • Our patented enzyme rich malt extract
  • Medium chain triglycerides (from coconut oil)
  • Potassium sorbate

For more details of the enzymes within EquiNectar® take a look at the ingredients and enzymes page.


How to feed

Simply add EquiNectar® to your horse's daily feed, using the Feeding Rate chart to determine the correct amount.

For detailed instructions about how to introduce EquiNectar, please read the comprehensive Feeding Guide page.