Horse of the Week – BONNER



"When I adopted Bonner, a retired 10-year-old racehorse, I knew transitioning him from the racetrack to a more relaxed lifestyle would be challenging. Having been ‘hot’ and high-spirited, Bonner struggled with grumpiness and discomfort, especially during grooming. Despite various supplements, his behavioural issues persisted until we introduced EquiNectar into his routine.

Initially, Bonner was an endurance training novice, but his need for extensive trotting matched perfectly with the sport’s demands. However, his occasional diving into a canter hinted at underlying discomfort, possibly from hindgut issues, which are often overlooked in thoroughbreds like him. After consulting with EquiNectar, we adjusted his diet, focusing on hindgut health, which has had a transformative effect on his well-being and performance.

Six weeks into using EquiNectar, the changes in Bonner were phenomenal. His first endurance ride at Kielder in Northumberland was a revelation. Completing 22.5km at a good pace, Bonner showed incredible energy and, more importantly, sensible behaviour throughout the ride. This marked a significant shift from the ‘unexploded bomb’ he once felt like to a calm and focused athlete.

EquiNectar hasn't just settled his digestion; it has helped to enhance his muscle tone so dramatically that even his saddle needed adjusting. His demeanour at home has improved as well, reflecting a newfound comfort and happiness. For a horse that once teetered on the edge of anxiety, seeing him thrive and even potentially compete in graded endurance rides is incredibly rewarding.

This journey with Bonner and EquiNectar has been about more than just managing a diet; it's been about unlocking the true potential of a spirited racehorse who needed a little help to find his new purpose. As we continue to explore the limits of his endurance capabilities, I am grateful for the role EquiNectar has played in transforming Bonner into not just a manageable horse, but a true star in the making."

Charlotte, Bonner's owner




EquiNectar® is a natural feed supplement, that is scientifically proven to:

  • Re-balance your horse’s gut bacteria
  • Help your horse maximise benefits from its feed
  • Improve your horse’s condition


More information

EquiNectar® is produced by Tharos Ltd in the UK. It is a natural source of digestive enzymes and contains only the following ingredients:

  • Our patented enzyme rich malt extract
  • Medium chain triglycerides (from coconut oil)
  • Potassium sorbate

For more details of the enzymes within EquiNectar® take a look at the ingredients and enzymes page.


How to feed

Simply add EquiNectar® to your horse's daily feed, using the Feeding Rate chart to determine the correct amount.

For detailed instructions about how to introduce EquiNectar, please read the comprehensive Feeding Guide page.