Horse of the Week – MOUSE



"Mouse, an 18.1hh Irish Sports Horse, had been struggling to gain any weight since his arrival from Ireland. His body condition was poor, and despite various diets, nothing seemed to help. Over time, he became increasingly anxious and turned into a 'fire-breathing dragon' in the school during winter. He couldn’t control or regulate his adrenaline, becoming so spooky and sharp that riding him became quite a challenge.

I was certain his behavior stemmed from an underlying issue, though it was unclear what that might be. Gradually, I began to observe signs of hindgut discomfort and reached out to EquiNectar, who were incredibly supportive. Within four weeks of starting on EquiNectar, Mouse was transformed.

Now, three months later, we haven't looked back. I have a completely changed horse. He'll always be a bit spooky — that's just his nature — but he is now a happy, calm, and comfortable chap. He loves hacking, schooling, and making the most of life. Surprisingly, Mouse's diet has significantly changed, and he’s now on less feed but putting on weight fantastically, all thanks to EquiNectar. I wouldn’t be without it and I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you."

Naomi, Mouse's owner