Horse of the Week – PETRA



"My journey with Petra, my beloved 7-year-old mare, has been filled with both challenges and triumphs, encapsulating our bond and shared passion for dressage. From the moment I welcomed her into my life as a foal, I knew she was special. I took great pride in breaking her in myself, instilling in her the foundations that have shaped her into the remarkable dressage partner she is today. Together, we have embarked on a journey that echoes my lifelong commitment to equestrian disciplines, having previously explored the realms of show jumping and point-to-point racing among various other equestrian pursuits.

Our path, however, was not without its hurdles. Petra faced a significant health challenge when she was diagnosed with ulcers. Witnessing her discomfort and knowing she wasn't her usual spirited self was disheartening. Despite treatment from the vet, something was amiss—she wasn’t forward in her work…she was lethargic and dull, although hacking was the complete opposite. She was explosive and very spooky, and almost unrideable around the fields. Her tummy was very noisy too, and whilst it’s good to hear ‘gut noises’, hers were much too loud. This challenging phase made me hesitant to take her out competing, as I didn’t want to make things worse. It was a struggle, navigating through the minefield of ‘gut supplements’ to find something that could truly support her.

That's when I discovered EquiNectar. Deciding to try it was a pivotal moment for us. The change in Petra was gradual but undeniable. Within a week or so, her tummy noises began to quiet down, and about a month into using EquiNectar, Petra was visibly happier. It was as if we turned a new leaf; she hasn't looked back since. The transformation in her health and demeanour has been nothing short of miraculous.

EquiNectar has been invaluable in supporting her nutrition, condition, and overall well-being. This change has significantly enhanced our dressage practice, a discipline we both dearly love. The joy and enthusiasm Petra now brings to our training sessions are palpable, reaffirming our deep connection and shared passion for the sport.

Reflecting on our journey, I can't help but wish I had discovered EquiNectar sooner, knowing how much it could have benefited my previous horses. Nonetheless, I am immensely grateful for the positive impact it has had on Petra. She's not just a horse to me; she's a partner, a friend, and a testament to the resilience and grace of these magnificent creatures."

Sue, Petra's owner